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Our bakery specializes in the manufacture of drying (9 species), shortbread (11 species) and choux pastry dough ("Smakulki coated"). With products TM "Merry Gingerbread Man" know not only the residents of the Rivne region, but the whole Ukraine. Since 2001, constantly being developed and put into production a new and familiar from childhood products.


Rivne drying is a lean product that does not contain animal fats, makes it possible to use them during Lent. In that process does not use chemical leavening agents, this task perfectly cope compressed baker drozhdzhi.Produktsiya contains GMO.V currently the largest demand from consumers for drying viscous. A novelty that is gradually winning the hearts of our customers is drying "Rivne jam" and "Rivne glazed with jam."

To date range drying comprises:
"Rivne vanilla" (bagel, stick, shuttle); ;
"Rivne glazed" (bagel, stick);;
"Rivne with poppy" (hook and stick); ;
"Rivne sugar" (bagel);;
"Rivne baby" (bagel);;
"Rivne with onions" (bagel, stick);;
"Rivne mixed";;
"Rivne jam" (stick);;
"Rivne glazed with jam" (stick)..

weight of 5kg. in p / e bag or carton; box "screen" of 3kg., 4 kg .; in 250g of the food film. (Spike 20pcs.) kg .; in 250g of the food film. (Spike 20pcs.)

Choux pastry dough

Since 2008 Production of bakery products from choux pastry - Smakulki glazed..

It is a new product which, as we know, is not produced in Ukraine.
Products do not contain GMOs. .
Packaged "Smakulki glazed" in the box "screen" for 2kg., As well as plastic wrap on 130gr. (Spike 20pcs., 2.6 kg.).


With the optimal combination of price and quality, shortbread, manufactured at our bakery in demand it is not the first year. The range includes fasting and species that can be eaten during Lent. Products do not contain GMOs.

Today, we offer the following types of shortbread
"Assorted milk"; ;
"Assorted Shortbread"; ;
"Orbit with coconut"; ;
"The Ring";
"To the post»;
"Assorted to the post".
Packaged in a box "screen" of 1kg., 2.5 kg.


Today the range of binding comprises:
"Rivne vanilla" vyazki ;
"Rivne glazed" vyazki;
"Rivne with poppy" vyazki;

on the links at 500g., Packaged in p / e bag or carton (10 litters).

We respect the work of each.
We appreciate the choice of our customers.
Therefore, the main principle of our work - is the production of high quality products.
For wholesale customers special prices.

We invite you to cooperate.




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